ICECS 2020 Demo Session
Wednesday, November 25 12-2pm GMT

The authors participating in the demo session should prepare a 5-minute video illustrating the operation of the circuits/systems. The video should mainly be composed of practical operation, where a few illustrations (suggested: <1 minute) can be used within the video to aid the demonstration. We only accept file format of MPEG-4 (.mp4), with the normal H.264 video and AAC audio codecs. The authors are encouraged to use a camera with resolution settings >720p to record the video. Please check your files before submitting them to make sure the voice is clear and audible.

Besides the video showing the operation, one of the authors needs to be online during the scheduled Q&A session to address the audiences' questions. The duration of the Q&A session is ~60 mins. The author(s) should prepare a computer/laptop with camera and mic to interact with the audiences during the Q&A session.